Pitty Sing – Demons, You Are the Stars in Cars ‘Til I Die – Review

pittysing200Pitty Sing

Demons, You Are the Stars in Cars ‘Til I Die (Or Music)
by Shanti Sadtler

Pitty Sing‘s debut EP Demons, You Are the Stars in Cars ‘Til I Die was surprisingly well mixed, tailored, and polished. The band is definitely channeling ’80s new wave groups like New Order, and even Depeche Mode, but they simultaneously exude the contemporary style of newer art rock bands like Stellastarr* and Interpol. Paul’s vocals on “We’re On Drugs” sound remarkably like a young Morrissey. The song mixes a cheesy, serenade-like sound with a suddenly disarming, satirical outlook on love: “And then it comes when it feels like we’re in love/Just remember we’re on drugs.” Like many songs that use this kind of comparison, you’d only know it if you actually read the lyrics; otherwise, you’d be naively floating along with the soothing sounds of synthesizers. The last song, “We Know Better,” made for the best of the bunch because the band finally mustered the strength to fully embrace the robust side of the art rock genre, putting their more nostalgic sound on the back burner. Whether they’ll put a new twist on the retro qualities of their sound or run with the newer should prove for a compelling evolution.