Doomed Nation – Episode 1 – Review

dvd-doomednation200Doomed Nation

Episode 1
by Craig Regala

Part live footage, part lifted news/movie/TV, part psychedelic effects, this is the way to absorb prime doom/stoner/dirt metal grumble. Tom Denny gets live shots/video and asks for input from any and all involved, which might even involve you if you send’m something cool. Bands that poke in, up, and around are The Hidden Hand, Sleep, Rwake, Fistula, Jumbo’s Killcrane, 16, and others that zoom in and out – HEY! Buried At Sea! – of focus/non-focus. Always cool to see the Sleep video for “Dragonaut,” and it’s here.

This guy needs to make a full-on feature film with Acid King. His image control and thematic development jibe quite nicely with Lori and Co. I’m carting a DVD player to Emissions so I can play this thing in the room pre and post action. Price? Free. Just go to the website and follow the directions. Next one’s getting worked up, and here’re a few names for ya: Weedeater, Floor, Buzzoven, Negative Reaction, and a bunch more.