Drop the Fear – Review

dropthefear200Drop the Fear

(Helmet Room)
By Wa

Drop the Fear‘s sound personified is a bittersweet batch of self-realization that peeks cautiously around the corner of insecurity and beckons with a solitary finger to join the masses of the unabashed. The songs seduce, urge, and prod until you can’t help but let go of your fears and fall deep into their safe and warm embrace to find yourself lost in the electro/shoegazer/trip-hop that forms the foundation of their self-titled debut album.

From the very first note of “Nevermind” we can hear the influences of King Black Acid, Death in Vegas, Radiohead, Massive Attack, and The Cocteau Twins. Strangely – and perhaps this is a testament to Drop the Fear’s musicianship – these highly-recognizable influences do not mask or replace their own very unique signature sound. Make no mistake about it, a Drop the Fear track would be instantly recognizable on any radio station. The production is superb. The song arrangements are stark, but fully realized, exploring every avenue of a groove without crowding out the core. The mastering effort by Grammy Award winner Matt Sandoski deserves to be rewarded with another Grammy.

Drop the Fear is comprised of Sarah Marcogliese, Ryan Policky, and Gabriel Ratliff. The lead vocals are performed most often by Sarah, whose voice often become a cross-section of Bjork, Dido, and Diane Micallef. Their lines are delivered silky smooth, like a bead of honey that stretches away slowly in search of freedom from the sticky honeycomb of anxiety.