Stiffed – Burned Again – Review


Burned Again
by Scott Hefflon

Cute and fun little punk lite cover band. A handfulla the songs stick with ya, and they’re a blast to get silly to, but with 15 to sort through, they shoulda honed in on the best six, knocked off four more like ’em (yeah, like this stuff is hard to bang out), and made a shorter, more consistent record. But this is the band’s first full-length, with an EP beneath their belt, so I’ll cut ’em some slack. Comparisons to Gwen Stefani are inevitable, because the singer’s a perky girl and has a slightly similar quiver at times, and yeah, there are a couple Blondie and Missing Persons hints as well, but that’s inflection and yip. Not to mention lazy journalists and a still-developing sense of vocal identity.