The Atomic Bitchwax – 3 – Review

theatomicbitchwax200The Atomic Bitchwax

3 (MeteorCity)
By Brian Varney

Despite the long layoff and new guitarist, there’s really not much to distinguish 3 from previous Atomic Bitchwax full-lengths. The band is still seemingly infatuated with ’70’s boogie-rock, playing vintage-sounding riffs through vintage equipment and threatening to stretch into a 11-minute jams, but never following through. There are no real tunes to speak of, so what you end up with is jam rock without the jamming parts, a collection of cool-sounding stuff that doesn’t really cohere into anything memorable or captivating.

There’s plenty of fancy playing to keep you entertained if you enjoy such things, and 3 has enough surface flash to keep you captivated for a spin or two. However, unless the band decides to unleash the jams or buckle down and write some great songs, I doubt I’ll return to this.