The Old Haunts – Fallow Field – Review

theoldhaunts200The Old Haunts

Fallow Field (Kill Rock Stars)
By Craig Regala

Perfect name for the sound of this skeletonal rainy-day-in-the-basement three-piece. Bits of ’50s-’60s teen death strum, The Shadows, the Fall, Billy Childish’s many bands, The Violent Femmes, and The Modern Lovers get worked into a skiffley folk strum of American(a) Gothic. Three different drummers play on this. It’ll be interesting to see if one of the three or another steps into the touring/recording routine.

Shivery singing and shaky drums move like the old country western two-step bands I used to go see in upstate New York as a teen. Turn the White Stripes the other way, sitting in rocking chairs, staring out the window telling each other stories about when, “old man Gray went wading into the pond looking for his daughter who drowned thirty years ago.”