The Abominable Iron Sloth – Review

theabominableironsloth200The Abominable Iron Sloth

by Scott Hefflon

How can ya pass up a band with a name like this? Members of Will Haven and Oddman playing sludge metal like EyeHateGod. Screamo vocals, trudging riffery, and the odd d-tuned swing of an ogre lumbering along, swinging a tree trunk absently, caving in skulls of anyone not bright enough to run and cower at the sound of the beast. As usual for the genre, it’s basically one constipated howl with different titles, and cuz these guys are younger than EyeHateGod, the titles are long, “clever” phrases. There’s very little variation between songs (like shades of brown in your shit), but the sludge genre itself hasn’t evolved much in the decade I’ve heard it, and what kind of evolution can sludge really have anyway?