The Telegenic – asphaltgasolinechromefleshbloodnbone – Review

thetelegenic200The Telegenic

by Scott Hefflon

A little more Bruce Springteen than I usually care for, but a solid unsigned band is a solid unsigned band, and the rest is personal taste. The singer has a distinctly Tom Petty tone, and the melodies and harmonies are comfortable, not overdoing it, not showing off, not overreaching beyond their range or ability. While The Telegenic is from L.A., they sounds like middle America, ya know? While some might complain that it’s classic pop rock, polished free of rough edges, why’s everything have to have rough edges? Nothing at all wrong with a classic rock style song, Hammond organ or steel guitar, chorus about working hard and making ends meet, but having good friends and good music, so it’s all alright…