Bugs Multiply – Review

bugsmultiply200Bugs Multiply

by Dan Bernal

The opening track on this disc jumps out as nearly identical to local rockers Waltham, minus the flare, urgency, or power. The CD starts out chugging retro-’80s rock with emo overtones and a strange vocal effect that sounds like a double gone overboard, but gets a little more alternative as it drones on. The vocals continue to feel uninspired and doubled throughout, odd synth tones creep in and out over an otherwise fairly sparse three-piece arrangement consisting of clean or lightly-driven guitars, bass, and drums mixed cleanly, but without any real fire. Multi-instrumentalist/singer Matt Cox swings from softened falsetto to angst-driven vocal overdrive and certainly has the vocal capacity: What he lacks in character, he makes up for in raw ability. The tune “Thinking Hüsker Dü” has some cool Cars-esque keyboard parts (another Walthamic touch), and the production is competent and allows what the band has to shine. Now it’s time to work on buffing up that shine…