Allhelluja – Pain Is The Game – Review


Pain Is The Game (Scarlet)
by Scott Hefflon

All the come-lately “metal goes dirty rock” bands can stuff it, Allhelluja have been at it for a few years, ya bastards. Singer’s in Hatesphere, band’s signed to Scarlet, who aren’t well-known outside of underground metal circles in the U.S. (and “underground metal” and “outside” aren’t unfamiliar terms), but “I’m Not The One” is solid enough to be The Quill in a bad fuckin’ mood. (If you don’t know The Quill, for fuck’s sake, shut off the radio and listen to some frustrated whiskey pounder for 30 seconds and he’ll rant off 20 bands sweating on stage for 20-30 people a night when they can actually get a tour. That’s rock and roll.) Just like The Quill, the singer really likes certain vocal phrasings, which make all the songs kinda run together. Like if Chris Cornell, back in the day, was fixated on a few notes, and held ’em long, loud, and proud, but who’s gonna tell him no?

Get these guys on the mp3 CD this time around, and don’t accept no for an answer. Ads in the few metal mags left standing is nice, but Scarlet needs to reach out to the Monster Magnet audience who’re listening to Foo Fighters and Queens of the Stone Age now, cuz no one’s alerted ’em about these guys yet.

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