Playdeadpics – Review

by Scott Hefflon

I miss links pages. Back in the day, “fanzines” and “underground bands” and everyone related with them and the culture had cool links pages where they gave props to their friends (real friends, unlike what MySpace has done to the word: Like everything else it touches, it waters it down and let’s all the kids play, therefore lowing the bar to the extent that there is no bar, just a flat playing field where the highly-trained and the lazy slob wandering in each get to play the game), and linked to all kinds of weird shit that attracted them. Attracted/repulsed/”dude, check this out”/whatever.

These days, bands don’t ever bother to have their own websites half the time, they “pimp out” their profile on perhaps the clunkiest website anyone over the age of four has ever conceived. Powerful or not, Myspace is ugly and clunky and you have to “modify” their clunky page using clunky tools and play by their rules, or they’ll delete your page without warning. Yeah, very punk rock, kids. You sold out without a whimper, ya pussies.

website-playdeadpicsphotoAnyway, REAL websites still sometimes have links pages that aren’t just links to their Myspace page and the companies who endorse them. Sometimes, just sometimes, you can find some shit to twist your brain and remember that some people still make dumb little websites to milk one dumb idea for a few cobbled together pages. I found this site linked from, who makes little stickers with my dumb slogans on them, most of which I don’t even have the heart to sell, I just give them to street teamers to hand out around the country. is exactly what it sounds like: It’s random pictures of people pretending they died in an accident. Like failing down a flight of stairs or having an amp fall on them (called “Mesa Boogie’d,” ha ha).

Ok, so it takes less time to look at the dozen or two pix here than to write this review (hence ranting about Myspace sucking balls, which should be as obvious as calling water wet). Like randomly overhearing the funniest thing someone is ever gonna say in their life, lots of people have a few dumb ideas in their heads, and they should all make dumb little websites, even if they’re only a few pages long. And people should build links pages again and link to the dumb ideas that make them giggle at just how weird people can be. Fuck you and your “top friends” (bands that don’t know you exist, and porn stars who wouldn’t even bother to throw a drink in your face).