Motörhead – Motorizer – Review


Motorizer (SPV)
By Martin Popoff

Lemmy, Mikkey, and Phil are a crunchy frog of a legend by this point – and I do mean all three of them, because this lineup, the longest-running by far and the most prolific, keeps grinding out record after record of material better than the old stuff. Contentious, sure, and you’re probably getting tired of me saying it, but as a lyricist, Lemmy’s as strong and substantial and funny and cutting as he’s ever been. Phil and Mikkey are mostly responsible for the music, and Motorizer is more of the band’s singular distorted biker rock that combines a rootsy vibe with metal and punk like no other, possibly because of Lemmy’s literary bent and that bent voice. Mikkey calls this a diverse Motörhead record, but they’ve all lately been about this diverse – and let’s face it, that’s not all that diverse! It’s all just different new superlative permutations of butter they’ve churned before. However, “English Rose” is the catchiest butt-shaker since “Killed by Death,” and “Back on the Chain” is a bit like “Pay Your Price,” but there’s a nice break and vocal melodies and vocal rhythms (there’s a term you don’t hear too often – check out opener “Runaround Man” for more of Lem’s skill with this) make it headbang along with a chuckle and a Jack Daniels. Fave of the bunch is “Heroes” which is doomy metal with a tragic war-like chorus and a proggy construct which is part of more Motörhead songs than the guys get credit for. Not crazy about the cover or title, but man, once again, here’s a Motörhead long-player long on plays ’round these parts.