Die So Fluid – Not Everybody Gets A Happy Ending – Review

diesofluid200Die So Fluid

Not Everybody Gets A Happy Ending (Renaissance)
by Scott Hefflon

Second release from this snarling London trio. Heard worse. They know how to pose for pictures and look all intense, singer is a powerful female, one guy is blonde and the other sports a mohawk. Singer/bassist Grog has a powerful voice, and while she’s no Linda Perry (Four Non-Blondes and solo, Google that shit, kids), she could kick Pink’s ass across the studio floor, and I, like many others, would like to see that overrated poser replaced. I’d rather Bif Naked get the job, but someone with less common sense and musical knowledge than me will sure get to pick, cuz that’s the way life goes. No real stand-out single here, just a handfulla good songs worth listening to repeatedly. And for a second release from an unknown band, that’s pretty damn good. Keep an eye on this band. With the proper promotion and placement, they might just catch the eyes and ears of U.S. audiences, and if you get your insider badge now, you can make fun of the come-latelies later.