Killroy- Football Chants and Angry Rants – Review


Football Chants and Angry Rants (Mental)
by Scott Hefflon

Great title, and a fitting one. Back in the early ’80s, Killroy was inspired to take the stage – liberty spikes, mohawks and all – by English bands such as Sham 69 and Stiff Little Fingers. They played L.A. with bands such as Social D., D.O.A., Angry Samoans, and Battalion of Saints. And Iron Cross, if the flyer collage in the CD booklet is correct. (They wrote the Oi!/skinhead classic “Crucified,” which Agnostic Front and others played on a regular basis cuz it’s a great fuckin’ song.) This release is the band re-recording all their hits for their old fans, for the new punks, and to have ’em all in one place, all digital’n’shit.