McRackins – Eggzit – Review


Eggzit (Cheapskate)
by Scott Hefflon

I’ve reviewed these good eggs since their break-through platter in 1995, Which Came First? And yes, most of the album titles are egg jokes: Eggs in Space, Planet of the Eggs, In On The Yolk, Back to the Crack, Oddities and Eggcentricities, I Am the Eggman, Bat out of Shell, and now Eggzit. If you’ve never heard of this sweet pop punk band, don’t beat yourself up. For one, they’re Canadian. For two, they’ve been on labels like Shredder and Wynona and now Cheapskate. Not exactly labels buying full page ads in Teen Beat/Alternative Press, hoping to get in on the Fall Out Boy and Plain White T’s suckering of the suckerable. But, like their peers Screeching Weasel and The Queers, McRackins wrote great pop punk songs, whether anyone was listening or not. And they still do. Two eggs, one dog, 10 finger-snapping songs to pogo around your room to.