Touchers – Blithe – Review


Blithe (Mental)
by Scott Hefflon

The sixth and final Touchers release, completed just months before the death of singer “Bipolar” Ben Brisini. From frantic, loose and wild punk to country twang to garage rock rampage, Ben’s bipolar illness probably led to the band’s diverse output. While this is the first release I’ve heard from them, its breadth is admirable, and this is one CD that’ll not make its way into the for-sale bin any time soon. It’s honest, touching, tortured, often darkly poetic like the best lyricists you treasure, and the music is solid through and through without being showy. They’ve opened for Frank Black, Porn, Mike Watt, and Burning Brides, and it all makes sense when you listen to the CD from end to end. And then hit repeat. Cuz it’s worth it.