Killing California – Goin’ South – Review

killingcalifornia200Killing California

Goin’ South (Basement)
By Scott Hefflon

Pretty straight-forward bar punk. Kinda like street punk, but more bar room bad-ass rock’n’roll. Like the rockier bands on TKO or Disaster (Reducers SF/Electric Frankenstein/Sixer on the former and Smogtown/Die Hunns on the latter), or punked-up Nashville Pussy, but without the tits to compensate for their basically being trudgy AC/DC without Angus’ charisma. This is the kinda stuff that can smoke live, and in order to rock to the tunes proper-like, you have to know them, so ya buy the CD. The tunes seem kinda mundane and a bit lifeless on CD, but ya spin it a bunch, get it down, and then the next show, yer on the money, kid. This is probably Killing California‘s first full-length, so it’s not exactly fair to compare them to Dwarves (or Zeke or Motörhead, or whoever you fancy), cuz those fuckers have lived and breathed this stuff for a decade, maybe two, and they’ve perfected the art of blowing your mind, kicking your ass, and fucking your girlfriend.