Thrashing Like A Maniac – Review

va-thrashinglikeamaniac200Thrashing Like A Maniac

by Scott Hefflon

16 cuts of shredding metal. Like any good comp, it has names ya know and names ya don’t, plus little photos of all the bands, a blurb each, a link (to MySpace pages, not their own website, a real sign of the times), and “courtesy of” credits if the band isn’t on Earache. Seeing as Earache is pretty ahead of the game (for a change) in the thrash revival scene, many of the bands on this comp also call Earache home. Century Media, Metal Blade, Relapse, and a couple others make an appearance, but this is Earache’s show. And they’ve found a few unsigned bands who might just be the heroes of tomorrow. Or not. Every cliché is here in spades, but also, the comp shows the diversity of sound and style in a genre that’s pretty specific in its needs and don’t take kindly to no new-fangled influences.

Thrashers: Bonded by Blood, Evile, Municipal Waste, Dekapitator, Fueled by Fire, Decadence, Warbringer, SSS, Gama Bomb, Merciless Death, Deadfall, Lazarus, Toxic Holocaust, Mutant, Violator, and Send More Paramedics.