The Black Halos – We Are Not Alone – Review

theblackhalos200The Black Halos

We Are Not Alone (Acetate)
by Scott Hefflon

Four records deep, first two on Sub Pop during that bright and shining time it looked like they were going to release great rock records again (Zeke, Backyard Babies, Gluecifer, The Yo-Yos), but this is the first review I’ve ever actually done for The Black Halos, because they simply don’t blow me away. Seeing as this stuff is easy as shit to do passably from both the rock angle and the punk angle, the fact that this is decent yet bland is probably why I never got around to them before. The singer sounds like he has a cold, but so did the guy from Enuff Z’Nuff and fans at the time didn’t care, and they’ve long since gotten day jobs (and Rogaine). The Black Halos might be from NY, or maybe I’m thinking of D-Generation, another decent band I always think I like better than I do when I hear them again. Check out The Bones before this, or any of the Scand-rock bands namedropped above (minus Zeke, of course, who’re from Seattle), and if you still have bucks left after beer and bail, track these guys down and give ’em a listen.