All Shall Perish – Awaken the Dreamers – Review

Angry Liberty VerAll Shall Perish

Awaken the Dreamers (Nuclear Blast)
By Scott Hefflon

I love being wrong! I had this band confused with At All Costs or some other three-word metalcore band. There are only so many times you can “review” a band by saying “Metalcore, sounds like Pro-Pain and Helmet, only not as good, and 15 years too late to have anything to offer. Anyone got a dime? Wanna buy a dozen of these CDs off me?” BUT, All Shall Perish are not that or any three-word metalcore band, they’re an always changing death/grind/tech metal band with unbelievable chops (some solos dance like angels, others slice you to ribbons so quickly, you don’t feel a thing until you’re a pile of cubed meat on the floor), a wide variety of voices (hardcore bellow and bark, deathy roar, yeah, some clean singing I’ll let slide, and a little Dani Filth haunting you from the rafters, but never taking the spotlight), and good fuckin’ Lord the mighty hammering metal this band delivers! Thunder and roar, fleet-fingerered riffs and death squawks, and breakdowns like the best of the best.

If you’re bored with the genre-restricted metal glut (even if lots of it sounds great, it’s really not doing anything new, not pushing any envelope, and real metal is all about outdoing everything that’s ever existed, or going the fuck home), check out this amazing band.