Exciter – Thrash Speed Burn – Review


Thrash Speed Burn (Blistering)
By Mike Delano

Don’t speak the words “thrash revival” to Exciter. They won’t know what the hell you’re talking about. As far as they’re concerned, the world stopped turning in 1983, a time when thrash was ascendant and song titles like “Massacre Mountain” would’ve been greeted with a warm nod for their assumed ability to suitably punish denim-clad headbangers along the West Coast. If “Massacre Mountain” sounds like a ride at a bizzaro theme park, that’s because Exciter have built a thrash metal Disneyland during the past 25 years that fans can revisit and remember how things used to be. Obama, the Internet, Suicide Silence: These things never happened in Exciter World, and old-schoolers can cozy into Thrash Speed Burn, the band’s thousandth album, like a warm slanket. It’s good to be home.

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