Electric Earth – Vol II – Words Unspoken – Review

electricearth200Electric Earth

Vol. II: Words Unspoken (Mausoleum)
By Mike Delano

Electric Earth sounds as comfortable as ever on Vol. II: Words Unspoken, their second full-length. Maybe too comfy; leadoff track “Drowning” sounds like what you hear when you stumble in on a live band in their relaxed mid-set groove rather than a fist-pumping opening salvo. That doesn’t stop them from kicking up a sure-footed guitar boogie, though, and throughout the album they have just enough edge to balance out the polished production and big choruses and level everything off at pure rock equilibrium. The big fuzzy guitar tones sometimes recall Alice in Chains, and other times they kick it up to a pace more akin to modern-day Corrosion of Conformity. Neither is a bad place to be.