The Casualties – We Are All We Have – Review

thecasualties200The Casualties

We Are All We Have (SideOneDummy)
by Scott Hefflon

Seven records in, you best know what to expect from The Casualties by now. Hardcore punk/street punk, gruff and shredded-vocaled, rampaging and political, The Casualties might not win awards for diversity, but this deep into it, ya gotta give ’em props for not pussying out. Yeah, there’s a reggae song here, but the rest is anthemic hoo-ra bad-ass punk, and it’s recorded and produced by Bill and Jason at The Blasting Room in Fort Collins, CO, where great punk is polished to a spit-in-your-face shine. The Casualties and NOFX and such (Total Chaos come to my mind, but probably not yours) have always had more metal shred and thrust than punk purists ever wanna admit, but seeing as they’ve toured with (and thanked in the booklet) Municipal Waste, perhaps punk and metal can pound PBRs (and posers) together again, finally, like back in the day of S.O.D. and Crossover-era D.R.I.. Oh, and a lyric sheet is included for those who still buy CDs and not just buy singles from iTunes or whatever (or steal the shit, you bastards). Now you can yell along at shows like the diehards, and cold-cock head-knodding come-lately “fans” who downloaded a few tunes off Limewire but don’t know shit about the band.