The Atomic Bitchwax Unveils Advance Listen Of New Album “The Local Fuzz” – News

The Atomic Bitchwax Unveils Advance Listen Of New Album “The Local Fuzz”

BLURT premiers first earful of progressive rock innovators’ one song 42 minute “rock and roll feast”! Check it out here:

Legendary New Jersey hard rock band The Atomic Bitchwax (also TAB) will release its new album The Local Fuzz on June 21 via Tee Pee Records (the album is out now in the UK and Europe).  The trio’s fifth full length effort delivers an advanced take on its blistering, virtuosic sound via a single, glorious 42 minute song titled “The Local Fuzz” that contains no less than “50 riffs back to back”, perfectly capturing the unit’s vivid execution and ambitious vision.

Recorded at the Panic Room in Neptune, NJ, The Local Fuzz pushes The Atomic Bitchwax’s high-octane groove and powerful strut to new heights of unencumbered artistic expression.  The band’s “Rush-like riff mazes” weave through natural pop structures nearly effortlessly while the record’s out-of-site production showcases the musicians’ prowess at the apex of their career to date.  Widely recognized as pioneers of the modern hard (or “stoner”) rock sound, The Local Fuzz shows The Atomic Bitchwax as a forward-thinking band not content to rest on career accomplishments; instead surging forward to give fans a brand new way to re-experience the exhilarating rush and sonic assault of heavyweight Rock ‘N’ Roll.

About The Atomic Bitchwax:

New Jersey’s Chris Kosnik, Finn Ryan and Bob Pantella first started plotting their musical careers back in the mid ’90s influenced by ’70s rock and progressive groups ranging from Black Sabbath to Parliament Funkadelic.  Simultaneously all three members were already playing for major labels in separate bands: Godspeed  (Atlantic), Monster Magnet (A&M) and Core (Atlantic).  The Atomic Bitchwax has continually evolved over the past two decades, becoming widely recognized amongst rock musicians as “a player’s band”.  The unit’s self-described mantra is “play what you want” and its music is a combination of ’60s psychedelic rock and ’70s riff-rock filtered though the widening eye of progressive rock influences.  Since the release of the band’s self-titled debut in 1999,  The Atomic Bitchwax has toured every year in both North America and Europe, performing in over 15 countries to widespread fan and critical acclaim.  In that time the band has released the full length albums TAB-2 (2000), TAB-3 (2005) and TAB-4 (2009)as well the EP’s Spit Blood (2002) and Boxriff (2006) which included a live DVD filmed in Seattle, WA. The music of  The Atomic Bitchwax has also crossed over to pop culture, appearing in the popular TV shows “Jackass”, “Homewrecker” and “Fox Sports”.  This June, the band will release a new album titled The Local Fuzz which boasts a 40+ minute long track that merges “Over 50 riffs back-to-back”.