Resistance 3 – beta – Review

g-resistance3beta200Resistance 3 beta

(Beta-testing – Sony for PS3)
By Mike Delano

Like a close-range shotgun blast that sets your body aflame, Resistance 3‘s multiplayer beta is great at keeping the player at a distance from its many charms. Buggy matches, inability to connect to a match, frozen matches, post-match freezes that occur just before you were about to be rewarded with XP for a sweet performance — this beta has its own weapon wheel of frustration that it will unleash on you. But hey, solving problems like these are what beta tests are for, and given the amount of times I returned to the fray despite the aforementioned issues speaks to how potentially excellent the final multiplayer experience could be. The two maps are gorgeous: One is a lush, expansive seaside village with sporadic sun showers; the other is more traditional: A decrepit trainyard punctuated with small pockets of sleek alien technology. The weapons are varied and interesting, especially when you unlock them all and can swap between long-distance sniping with the Deadeye and short-range disruption with the Mutator (or just play it safe with the Carbine). Problem is, it takes a lot of playtime to unlock the ability to carry even two weapons at once, let alone the full arsenal that should be at the player’s disposal at all times. Giving the player the full suite of weapons at the get-go (perks and upgrades could remain unlockables) would result in utter, glorious chaos, and help Resistance 3 stand out in the upcoming shooter season.