Israeli new-wave garage band TV Buddhas release new 7-inch – News

Israeli new-wave garage band TV Buddhas release new 7-inch

The Berlin-based Israeli band TV Buddhas recently released a new 7-inch on the Staatsakt label, distributed by Rough Trade.  Vice Magazine recently caught up with TV Buddhas on one of its never-ending European tours to chat. 

See the interview here:
With the new single out, and being a prolific band, TV Buddhas is now prepping its next batch of songs.   Two of these new TV Buddhas tunes were recently performed acoustically by the trio for the Portugese broadcast Bodyspace.  See the intimate performance of “In The Shadow of A Wave” and “No More Neighborhood” here:
Of the performance, Bodyspace writes (translated from Portugese):  “In passing by Portugal, more precisely by the city of Porto, the Israelis TV Buddhas (currently living in Berlin) have accepted our invitation and went to the basement of the Cafe Ceuta and devoted to Bodyspace two wonderful songs in format essentially acoustic, between two fingers of conversation and a few shots of snooker to heat the environment.”
Over the past four years, the three members of TV Buddhas (Juval Haring, his wife Mickey Triest and her brother Uri Triest) have proven themselves to be one of Europe’s most hardworking acts, regularly performing 200-plus shows a year.  The band’s work ethic is echoed in its music, influenced by early 80’s guitar driven punk rock, in all its naivety and pathos, and is reminiscent of bands like The Wipers, Husker Du and The Ramones.
TV Buddhas’ lyrics deal mostly with outsider-ism, failing in life, going nowhere, and TV addiction.  Some of the realities that end up in the band’s songs can be witnessed first-hand in the documentary of the first, and highly disastrous TV Buddhas US tour. Titled

“Band In The Modern World,” the trailer for the film can be viewed at: