Terrorizer – Hordes of Zombies – Review


Hordes of Zombies (Season of Mist)
By Mike Delano

Sure, the zombie thing has long since become a cultural phenomenon and been subsequently beaten to (un)death, leading one to naturally be wary of a 2012 release called Hordes of Zombies. Don’t these guys know that zombies are played out? Fear not, because Terrorizer isn’t trying to reinvent the wheel here with some new, touchy-feely take on the genre. These are the zombies of the ’80’s, flesheaters that’re gonna beat down your door and eat you, not inspire you to ponder the meaning of human existence. To complement this old-school approach is 14 tracks of old-school grind, full of menace and impending doom. Katina Culture of Resistant Culture steps in for the late Jesse Pintado on guitar, teaming up with drummer Pete Sandoval and bassist David Vincent from Morbid Angel, and Resistant Culture vocalist Anthony Rezhawk to bring the horror, from the foreboding title track to the paranoia-inducing creep of “Radiation Syndrome.” Mostly, though, the album is a full-speed battering ram, with brutes like “Flesh to Dust” and “Generation Chaos” dead set on pounding the listener into dust. That makes sense: When the dead have risen and are shambling en masse toward your position, you’ve gotta fight fire with fire.