Doro – Raise Your Fist In The Air – Review


Raise Your Fist In The Air (Nuclear Blast Records)
release date: 8/3/2012
by Scott Hefflon

Doro Pesch has still got it, 12-17 releases in (depends on whether you count singles, teasers, EPs, etc.). Still hot, still German, still posing like a metal warrior on the cover, still blasting out confident anthems with no ironic nods or apology. “Raise Your Fist In The Air” has tight songwriting, formulaic but effective, with lyrics that are only occasionally cringe-worthy (what genre doesn’t have its share of lame cliches?), and tasteful, non-wanking soloing. Surprisingly, the crowd-pleasing call and response part is implied, not overdone as The Metal Handbook dictates, best left to the live show, perhaps. Impressive.