The Dots – “The Model” – Review

The Dots

“The Model” / “Jon Shere Model”
by Scott Hefflon

I like it, but I’m not sure why. I like the envelope it came in. It had dots all over it. Neat, huh? I like the 7″ itself. It’s clear. The promo pack had cut and paste reviews that informed me that nobody gets these guys. I don’t feel better, just equally stupid. Side One is an odd KRAFTWERK cover. I could call it quirky, I guess. The song winds down with the “Death of Pac Man” sound and the “Be-de-le-beep” EQ check found only at the end of tapes. But this is a 7″. Side Two does not have vocals and is more of a dippy collage of black and white (you can just tell) movie samples and other noises over a poppy/punky beat. Again with the “Be-de-le-beep”. Sigh, I give up.