Punk legends D.O.A. say farewell after 35 years – News

Punk legends D.O.A. say farewell after 35 years

Legendary punks D.O.A have travelled the globe almost continuously since they formed in 1978 and released their first snarling piece of vinyl, the “Disco Sucks” EP. That slab of plastic opened the door to international prominence, 14 studio albums and three generations of fans. 2013 marks the band’s 35th and final year as Canada’s godfather of punk Joe Keithley embarks on a political career seeking the New Democratic Party (NDP) nomination in Coquitlam, British Columbia.

Punk and politics are historically linked and D.O.A. have always worn their politics on their sleeves. Their blatant slogan: TALK-ACTION=0 sums it all up. D.O.A. have played benefits for Rape Relief, Anti-Racism, Education, Anti-Globalization, Anti-War, OXFAM, First Nations Rights, Anti-Censorship and environmental causes amongst many others. “I’ve been working on trying to change Canada and this world into a better place from outside the system for the last 35 years,” reflects Keithley, “now I will do my utmost to effect that change from inside the system. That’s why I am running for the only progressive party, the NDP.”

Eastern Canada packed venues in the fall 2012 for final D.O.A. shows and now the final dates have been announced for B.C, Alberta and California. Celebrating 35 years and their 14th studio album We Come In Peace, fans will be treated to two hours of D.O.A. songs old and new.

Don’t miss this final opportunity to catch the legendary band that influenced a ton of bands ranging from The Red Hot Chili Peppers to Green Day to Rancid to The Offspring.


Wednesday Feb. 20th – Studio Nightclub, Lethbridge, AB
Thursday Feb. 21st – The Vat, Red Deer, AB
Friday Feb. 22 – Pawn Shop, Edmonton, AB
Saturday Feb. 23rd – The Republic, Calgary, AB
Sunday Feb. 24th – Wild Bill’s, Banff, AB 


“Always a fiercely political band, D.O.A. have upped the ante here by jumping headfirst into the fray of the messy and chaotic shit-storm that is today’s less-than-stable worldwide political environment, tackling the financial crisis, the Occupy movement, shady dealings by top officials, systemic bigotry, and other important issues – both those that have been ripped from the headlines and those that have been culled from buried stories and the underground press.” – The Impaler

“It is one of their best in the past 10 years, which is no mean feat. If you are going to sample some good old-fashioned punk, this is the best album in the genre in 2012.” – Jeff Lowe, Amp Magazine

“When it comes to hardcore, few bands have stood the test of time as well as D.O.A. have. They’ve managed to remain politically relevant in an age where other bands have lost their edge and their venom. It would not be a D.O.A album if it were not a narrative on the current affairs in the world. “He’s Got A Gun” throws a catchy, old-school vibe to back up lyrics that concern school shootings” – WRUV Reviews