Generationals – Put a Light On – Music Stream


“Put a Light On”
Heza (Polyvinyl Records)
release date: 4/2/2013
by Scott Hefflon

New Orleans’ school chums Ted Joyner and Grant Widmer hop from Cure-inspired dance (like “Boys Don’t Cry,” not the somber sobbers) to Passion Pit falsetto yippies. Opener and single “Spinoza” is an instant fave, while other tracks remind of fun’s song craft, without the momma-lovin’ lyrics and instantly annoying lilt (Paul Simon tenderness, but with Offspring yelp’n’strain). But, uh, Gererationals’ vocals will get on your nerves pretty quickly themselves. Or you have a higher tolerance than I do for dancy indie pop with “delicate” (wimpy) vocals, cheesy keyboard licks, and (“Put a Light On”) hand-claps.

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