Essence of Mind – Indifference – Music Stream

essenceofmind200Essence of Mind

Indifference (Alfa Matrix)
release date: 6/17/2013
by Scott Hefflon

Looks to be 11 new tracks and 11 remixes here on Essence of Mind’s third full-length. Norway’s answer to anthemic synth pop, while there’s nothing here to topple Apoptygma Berzerk or Zeromancer, there are many potential singles here, faves to play on dark, late night drives, or singing along cleaning your apartment. The guitar crunch isn’t especially crunchy, the plodding “Retreat” and skittering “Desperate Times” falling shy of Chemlab, with a more tame howl. “Scars” gives me flashbacks of “Take on Me” or some other sugary new wave ’80s hit. Linkin Park and Orgy fans will find something to like here, but Apotygma Berzerk, Mesh, Assemblage 23, and the mighty VNV Nation will still get more play on my iPod.


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