Gozu – The Fury of A Patient Man – Review


The Fury of A Patient Man (Small Stone Recordings)
release date: 4/23/2013
by Scott Hefflon

All ten tracks of this Boston quartet’s second release, following up 2010’s noteworthy Locust Season. Soulful vocals over fuzzy, well-crafted classic rock (some stoner drool, some Soundgarden pop-crafted hard rock). There’re some handclaps here, probably some cowbell if you really dig in, and some metallic gallop and doom plod, just for good measure. Standout moments are when singer Marc Gaffney lets it rip, like John Garcia or Dave Wyndorf (I’ve played “Ghost Wipe” more than any other song here, follwed by the swaggering “Signed, Epstein’s Mom”), cuz the drumming is also creative, unlike the charging “Charles Bronson Pinchot” (title reminds me of the Mental Shrapnel mash-ups we used to do), which is just an ehh metal song, when you get down to it.