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sivasix200Siva Six

Superstition (Alfa Matrix)
release date: 5/31/2013
by Scott Hefflon

A 15-song EP to tide fans over until the next full-length, which’ll probably have 35,000 songs on it with all the remixes this genre loves so much. The Greek Gothers nailed it with 2011’s The Twin Moons, and this Superstition EP continues the distorted whispers, frantic beats, and industrial chaos. Personal faves are the more melodic dark elektro mid-tempo tracks, like “Nemesis,” which builds verse after verse, adding new background textures, additional percussion, until it all crumbles to dust. I’d’ve switched the order of “I’m a Groupie (featuring Maria Kala)” and “She’s a Groupie” to start with the band’s echoey acoustic strummer, then follow with the stiff, too-loud female vocaled alt-take. Then again, I’d skipped both versions, cuz while mildly amusing, the song doesn’t say or do anything interesting with the idea.


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