Supermachine – Supermachine – Music Stream


(Small Stone Recordings)
release date: 5/14/2013
by Scott Hefflon

Streaming all 11 songs of this New Hampshire band’s self-titled debut. The talent level is high, the recording sounds great, the songs range from adequate genre-filler to pretty solid by brushing well-liked elements of both guitar rock and grunge metal, but rarely taking them anywhere mind-bogglingly new. If you were a fan of Scissorfight, where guitarist Jay Fortin and bassist Paul Jarvis sharpened their skills, these songs are a waste of their gonzo talent and locked groove (“Josey Whales” being an exception). David Nebbia has a good voice: He can hit all the notes, he has a range, he can wallow in the shallow end of Alice in Chains depths, he can belt it out like some of the better bluesy singers from the gutter glam era, but dark-underbelly glam rock and toe-testing the swirling abyss are a far cry from “wow, what a great singer!” dig?

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