The Pigeon Detectives – Animal – Music Stream

thepigeondetectives200The Pigeon Detectives

We Met At Sea (Cooking Vinyl Records)
release date: 4/29/2013
by Scott Hefflon

At a quick 2:40 and with a title like “Animal,” I expected a bit more snarl or true grit than this cookie-cutter indie single. This Leeds band are well-known for their active live shows, and We Met At Sea is touted (by the band) as an unpredictable offering, more natural and plugged in. But 30 seconds into the song, you recall this melodic “twist” from its source, this “breakdown” from that source, and the 2:40 drags on, reminding you of a bunch of songs, while never really gaining any traction in itself. Formulaic, yet lacking the grab of each element that made the formula work so well in the first place.

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