Tribulation – Strains of Horror – Music Stream


“Strains of Horror”
Alive & Dead at Södra Teatern
(Metal Blade Records)
Release: 15 November 2019
by Scott Hefflon

Six and a half minutes of fog and reverb-drenched awe. Anything that instantly calls to mind such dark favorites as Fields of the Nephilim’s live Earth Inferno and Tiamat’s breakthrough Wildhoney is worth raving about. While “Strains of Horror” is more tinkled key shivers and power chord brood than the stick-twirling bombast elsewhere on Alive & Dead, their touring with Ghost was no PR move, there’s haunting melody here. And riffs. Ghost’s got ‘em, Merciful Fate has had ’em since you were born, kid, and Tribulation continue in that fine tradition of finding beauty in the darkness.

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