Alestorm – Fannybaws – Music Stream


Curse of the Crystal Coconut (Napalm Records)
Release: 29 May 2020
by Scott Hefflon

While pretty much Alestorm on autopilot, “Fannybaws” is still some fine pirate metal. There’s a ship, beards, yo-ho-ho choruses, some cheesy graphics, a blistering solo, and a midget. Sure looks like Peter Dinklage, who most know from Game of Thrones (come on now, Miles Finch in Elf?, Living in Oblivion? HOW many cameos that were the highlight of the movie or episode?). But it’s not, I hear. There’s none of the newish “death roar,” which I didn’t realize I’d miss so much until it was gone, and, um, it’s a total sausage fest. There’s not a single comely wench in the video! Wenches and Mead, these are the things that a pirate needs! (Mixing lyrics, I know.)