Alain Johannes – Hallowed Bones – Music Stream

Alain Johannes

“Hallowed Bones”
(Ipecac Recordings)
Release Date: 7/31/2020
by Scott Hefflon

“Hallowed Bones” is perhaps the most similar to Eleven’s output in the ’90s, and therefore a fave of mine. While still simple and strummy, no guitar overlays or stacked harmonies, the vocal melody dances gleefully (yet close to the guitar melody), unlike more somber acoustic moments elsewhere. Alain’s time with fellow songsmiths like Chris Cornell and Josh Homme are obvious. I’ve recently listened more to Brandon Saller’s Hell or Highwater (Atreyu’s drummer/clean singer’s project) for it’s soaring, passionate vocals, the song structures often clunk, the drumming is stiff, and cliche adult contemporary choruses make me cringe. Alain Johannes’ material may, at times, be overly simple, but they feel natural and pure.