Taipei Houston – As the Sun Sets – Music Stream

Taipei Houston 

“As the Sun Sets”
Release Date: July 26, 2022
Once Bit Never Bored (C3 Records)
Release Date: 11/4/2022
by Scott Deckman

As would-be punters prefer TikTok and Instagram brevity these days, I decided to write a little something-something about Taipei Houston’s “As the Sun Sets,” the first single from the band’s debut Once Bit Never Bored. Everyone who pays attention to heavy rock knows the duo as Lars Ulrich’s kids, but these little shits eschew metal pretension for Jack White Stollsteimer basics. The band took some heat online (of course they did), but their spiky racket is favorable to most anything motormouth puts out. Nice riff like Uncle James, oscillating dynamics, pretty decent, lads. Don’t know if I can listen to their amoebic (really) noise all day, but in a playlist it can hit the spot.