New Rave – #13 – Review

September 1, 1995

This mag has not a pair of natural breasts in it, but the models are attractive, Peter Steele (Typo O Neg.) talks about sex, the poses are above average.

Loompanics Unlimited – Review

September 1, 1995

“The best book catalog in the world.” The catalog, itself a 300-page book, contains essays, comics and exhaustive descriptions of hard to find books for sale.

Caustic Truth – #28 – Review

September 1, 1995

Simple cut-and-paste music ‘zine. It’s not pretentious and engaging. Includes interviews with Fastbacks, Marilyn Manson, Suede, Killjoys, DRI, NOFX, etc.

Carnal Comics – Review

July 1, 1995

Carnal Comics are biographies of performers in the porn movie industry, backed up with fictional comics written by the highlighted stars themselves.

Verotik – Review

May 1, 1995

Verotika, the flagship title, is an anthology of “erotic horror,” sure to thrill fans of Cry For Dawn. Brutally violent and rape-laden.

Satanika – Review

May 1, 1995

Satanika is written by the lead misfit of Verotik: Glenn Danzig. It is the continuing saga of the title character, a half-demon, half-heavily muscled woman.

East, West – Review

March 1, 1995

The stories vary in subject and theme, giving excellent illustrations of the differences between Eastern and Western culture, thought and ideals.

Mostly Harmless – Review

February 1, 1995

Mostly Harmless is one more step in the ongoing craziness of the infamous Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy series.

Lost Souls – Review

February 1, 1995

Lost Souls makes no attempt to rise above the vampire genre’s own murky swamp of clichés.

Eating Eight – Review

February 1, 1995

Lars Paul Linden emerges as a new loose cannon in sci-fi, tripedelia literature. Somewhere between gonzo genius and brain flatulence is Eating Eight.

True Hallucinations – Review

October 1, 1994

A strange and crazy tale, which will surprise the intellectuals and bring a smile to the faces of those familiar with psilocybin’s mystical, magical properties.

Generation of Swine – Review

September 1, 1994

Hunter’s books have a way of wrecking havoc on your person; they promote spontaneity and encourage you to be stupid just for the hell of it.

After Age – Review

August 1, 1994

If you’ve grown accustomed to taking your vampires on the pretty side, this isn’t the story for you.

A Fan’s Notes – Review

August 1, 1994

A Fan’s Notes has, in place of a linear story, these three unifying elements: The author’s addictions to high-flown humor, alcohol, and the New York Giants.

Junky – Review

August 1, 1994

Junky was first published in 1953. In 1953, I would have hidden this book under my bed, to be read only after my parents went to bed.

Visiting Mrs. Nabokov – Review

June 1, 1994

Whether it’s interviewing Madonna, traveling with a rowdy soccer team, or covering the Republican Convention, Martin Amis has an artist’s eye and a lucid pen.

Thunderball Comics – Review

June 1, 1994

The very thought of a weed-digger striking fear into the hearts of criminals seemed a little silly, but they pulled it off very well.

Songs of a Dead Dreamer – Review

June 1, 1994

Ligotti’s style should be savored, not devoured like literary fast-food. And I suggest reading one story at a time; they need to sink in, which they will do.

Bondage – Review

June 1, 1994

The concept is good. The execution falls flat. Bondage is not intended as an erotic novel. It is an attempt to use sex as a microcosm of human interaction.

Black Dogs – Review

April 1, 1994

June Tremaine says that she has seen evil in the Black Dogs, and having faced it, has been set free.

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