Black Moon – #5 – Review

August 1, 1996

A wonderful ‘zine, full of fiction, poetry, reviews and interviews with the top names in Goth/heavy/dark music. The fiction is what really makes this one move.

Seconds – #35 – Review

June 1, 1996

Seconds bills itself as “The Only All-Interview Rock Culture Magazine,” but what pulls these eyes along is the astounding range of subjects they bring together.

Tail Spins – #2 – Review

June 1, 1996

Open up to “Felix Navarro’s Bitter Corner,” the regular sprawl of unrestrained spleneticism that’s as viciously funny as a buzzsaw-wielding stand-up comic.

Kor Magazine – #1 – Review

June 1, 1996

It’s not a ‘zine in the traditional sense or size (12″ x 9″); it’s a free (in San Diego), high-quality, entertainment paper that covers the San Diego scene.

Ill Literature – #11 – Review

June 1, 1996

Bigger and better then ever. As ‘zines left and right go under, or cut back page count or frequency, this handbook of heavy music is up to 156 pages.

Fizz – #6 – Review

June 1, 1996

From the regular columns to the interviews and reviews, the writing is in a fun and unique style that will keep you interested, regardless of subject matter.

Cheeseball – #3 – Review

June 1, 1996

This local Boston mag covers the swingin’ scene in and around town: that happening rockabilly, surfy, lounge thing.

Suburban Voice – #38 – Review

May 1, 1996

One of the forerunners of punk ‘zines. The writing gets right to the point. There are no pretensions here. The coverage is open, non-judgmental.

Insight – #15 – Review

May 1, 1996

Rest assured, you’re bound to be offended by something in here. Insight is infantile, scatological, obnoxious, and endlessly contentious. I love it.

Flipside – #100 – Review

May 1, 1996

Flipside continues to grow and put out an informative and noteworthy publication without losing their integrity or going “mainstream.” Happy Hundredth!

24-7 Artzine – Vol.2 #4 – Review

May 1, 1996

Artists and writers reveling in the delightful. 24-7’s accessible artiness is never self-conscious or preachy. There’s plenty of wit and first-rate writing.

Fat! So? – Review

April 1, 1996

FAT! SO? Fat is fun! Fat is fantastic! As soon as I saw the editor’s letter, “All The Fat That’s Fit To Print,” I knew this would be pure fat fun.

Ben is Dead – #26 – Review

April 1, 1996

This is the second installment of their three-part “Retro Hell!” series. Comprehensive and highly personal, but scarcely nostalgic.

Annexx – #6, #7 – Review

April 1, 1996

A Texas-based ‘zine that covers national and local (Texas) bands. Issue #6 interviews Archers of Loaf, No Use For A Name, Strung Out, and Dr. Strange Records.

Spectrum – #3 and #4 – Review

March 1, 1996

Spectrum covers heavy music, both national and New England-based. Most of the writers really know their subject. The comic, Spiked, by Paul Griffin, is great!

Rapid Fire – #13 – Review

March 1, 1996

Interviews with New Bomb Turks and Showcase Showdown, band photos and profiles, comics, poetry, letters, and reviews. Punk rock is alive and kicking!

Pinch Point – #11 – Review

March 1, 1996

A cheapo operation that throws in Spy’s old celeb-bashing tendencies, Mad’s joyously juvenile japery, and the sick feeling in the gut of National Lampoon.

Fourball – #2 – Review

March 1, 1996

This is a fun little ‘zine packed with the usual features: Reviews, interviews (The Laurels, Ashley Von Hurter, and the Haters) plus poetry, letters, cartoons.

Ant – #1 and #2 – Review

March 1, 1996

Long live rock ‘n’ roll! This music ‘zine is devoted to the rock/metal/glam that was in vogue in the mid-to-late ’80s and keeps rockin’ in the mid-’90s.

Angry Thoreauan – #12 – Review

March 1, 1996

It seems that a man (his name is Randall Tin-Ear. Draw your own conclusions) is as bitter, pissed, and arrogant as only a prolific writer can be.

WARP – Vol. 4 #3 – Review

February 1, 1996

A boarding mag (snow, skate, and surf) that does what it’s supposed to as a lifestyle publication. Informative interviews with Mike Watt and Clawhammer.

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