More Than You Can Chew – Review

July 1, 1995

Most of the bands stay true to indie/powerpop/punk pop “guidelines,” and those that don’t are cool enough that you don’t really care anyway.

Mad Love – Review

July 1, 1995

The film is already out of the theaters and VHS-bound. Well, it’s still a good sampler of underground alternapop.

Love Handles Soundtrack – Review

July 1, 1995

I think it has something to do with a 500 lb. rockabilly guitarist’s life. High octane surf and indie-rock wanna be. The prize is in the dialogue excerpts.

Good Citizen – Review

July 1, 1995

The bands don’t fit neatly into categories like indie rock, punk, hardcore, noise, classic rock, or heavy metal. All are represented, but not in the usual way.

Batman Forever – Review

July 1, 1995

The Offspring “Smash It Up.” Michael Hutchence goes solo from INXS. Sunny Day Real Estate gain exposure. And Flaming Lips was hilarious when set to Jim Carrey.

100% Latin Ska – Review

July 1, 1995

All in Spanish, all ska. Cool, eh? Lots of horns, bongos, a bit of cocktail lounge, a bit of guitar rock.

Tyranny Off the Beat – Review

June 1, 1995

Compared to the rash of guitar-driven industrial infesting the scene, the ten bands on Tyranny tend to take a more synthesized approach.

Hideaway Soundtrack – Review

June 1, 1995

Ten bands ranging from the industrimetal of KMFDM and Fear Factory to the Gothic of Miranda Sex Garden and the orchestral stuff of composer Trevor Jones.

Gothik – Review

June 1, 1995

Taking Gothic sub-genres from 1983-1985, Cleopatra has put them in a two hour, two disc set. There’s enough for everyone; don’t be greedy around that vein…

Amrep Motors 1995 Models – Review

June 1, 1995

AmRep is rather (in)famous for putting out music for the noise-conscious. This sampler is more straight-ahead punk rock. But there’s some good shit on here.

The Basketball Diaries – Review

May 1, 1995

It features Pearl Jam and Soundgarden and a bunch of other bands that today’s tattooed, pierced “youth culture” victims will lap up like good consumers.

Ska: The Third Wave – Review

April 1, 1995

The Third Wave of ska has it all: Sexy instrumentals, big band, and street punk, rude music for rude boys and girls, and a whole lotta skankin’ going on.

The Long Secret – Review

April 1, 1995

Plenty of girls with guitars churning out precious insights and reflections to an accompaniment that draws from folk’s melodic quality and punk’s DIY style.

Mortal Micronotz Tribute – Review

April 1, 1995

Each band has a definite personality, but instead of a random smorgasbord, the Micronotz’ tunes are the duct tape that hold the album together.

Threadwaxing Space Live – Review

March 1, 1995

This is indie music from back when that meant something. A compilation of bands performing live at the Threadwaxing Space in NYC ’93-94.

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