Cardboard and Chords – Review

November 1, 1994

Each 7″ in the series came in honest cardboard with pretty-colored lettering screen-printed on it. The colors coordinated with the clear vinyl on the inside.

Skarmageddon – Review

September 1, 1994

All based loosely on the “ump-ah, ump-ah” guitar, has horns and often reeds, and bass lines are bouncy, but the deviations here are numerous.

Rarities Vol. 1 – Review

September 1, 1994

DGC has helped bring attention to some bands that have gone on to become well known. This sampling shows just how impressive some of their early prospects were.

Airheads – Review

September 1, 1994

It just oozes with fun and wackiness. From hardened metallic veterans to hard ‘n fresh newcomers, there’s a flavor for every rockin’ connoisseur.

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