Don’t Be Scared – 2 – Review

April 18, 2003

Pop punk bands all with the same sound: Junction 18, Glasseater, and Dynamite Boy. New Fearless bands: Knockout, Rock Kills Kid, Brazil, and classic Big Wig.

Sucking the ’70s – Review

January 3, 2003

Sucking the ’70s succeeds where so many before have failed because the concept encapsulates such a large chunk of space and encourages bands to take chances.

Rebirth of the Heavy – Review

January 3, 2003

All straight up, no bullshit, from destructo rock to apeshit hardcore to stoner rock to kickass doom and back. The comp flows well as a piece.

In Our Lifetime – Vol. 2 – Review

January 3, 2003

Ex-Grand Royal (oh, how we miss you!) honcho Mark Kates presents two volumes of urban, hip, eclectic-but-never-lost gems that mine surprise after surprise.

How We Rock – Review

January 3, 2003

This comp nails it. Unlike Now That’s What I Call Shitty Music: Volume Four Billion, How We Rock compiles 19 hotshots and whatnots both trendy and “classic.”

Heat Slick – Review

January 3, 2003

L.A.-style rock, in all its glammy, swaggering glory. Production is less monster cock rock than it used to be, but pre-funded ’80s hair “metal” was often thin.

Every Dog Will Have Its Day – Review

January 3, 2003

If you want to be the new Lookout! (now that Lookout! wants to be the new Sub Pop, and who knows what Sub Pop is up to these days), take it all the way.

Billy – Volume One – Review

January 3, 2003

Rockabilly is a hipster costume party emulation of rock and roll’s first unsteady steps out of the primordial soup until Marty McFly invented the guitar solo.

If I Was Prince – Review

November 11, 2002

It’s a buncha Brits covering Prince songs. Some are better than others, but the whole thing’s a goof.

Fields and Streams – Review

November 11, 2002

With 37 chick bands, eight indie boy bands and a total of 45 unreleased tracks, one contemplates: Why were they not released earlier?

Atticus – Dragging the Lake – Review

November 11, 2002

Hotshot punkpop and emopunk bands, and some up-and-comers. Unreleased tracks can be a misleading introduction, but it’s a nice addition for serious music fans.

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