Yob – Catharsis – Review

March 8, 2004

These three Portland basement-dwellers explore thrilling new chasms of the labyrinth that folks call doom metal.

Killing Machine – Review

June 3, 2001

It’s a cool thing when grizzled veterans of the metal wars collide and try their hand at the power metal they themselves had a hand in creating in the ’80s.

Peccatum – Amor Fati – Review

April 1, 2001

Self-indulgent, non-linear, impossible to grasp, shapeshifting, and more of an expressionistic exercise than any kind of shared trip with the listener.

Thou Shalt Suffer – Somnium- Review

June 1, 2000

Ihsahn and Samoth began Thou Shalt Suffer before Emperor. Some scary/beautiful moments of traditional classical, but it’s really just a guy experimenting.

Peccatum – Oh, My Regrets – Review

June 1, 2000

Like Celtic Frost did on Into the Pandemonium, Peccatum accomplish the same eerie vibe, throwing in some blasting black metal riffs to add to the confusion.

Opeth – Orchid – Review

March 1, 1996

Sweden’s Opeth orchestrate a soulful blend of extreme metal with the spirit of ’70s progressive rock, to create something entirely unique.

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