Movies: Shots in the Dark – Column

June 1, 2000

When they were kids, they needed movies to thumb noses at their parents, and now are eager for films like American Beauty and Simpatico which offer appeasement for those who have turned into their parents, only with greater hypocrisy and less taste.

Cop Land – Review

October 1, 1997

Writer/director James Mangold obviously didn’t want to take any chances, so not only is Stallone’s Freddy Heflin, the sheriff of a small New Jersey town populated by crooked New York cops, a badge-wearing slug, but he’s also deaf in one ear.

City of Industry – Review

May 1, 1997

City of Industry swims in themes of emptiness and corruption, no frills attached, with an intentionally unsatisfying pay off at the end.

Taxi Driver – Review

April 1, 1996

For the last twenty years, Taxi Driver has stood on its own in some dark corner, beckoning for another film to stand up to it. It’s still waiting.

From Dusk Till Dawn – Review

March 1, 1996

A movie made for a certain type of audience and was made by serious philes of the horror/gore/violence/dark-comedy realm, of which Tarantino is a die-hard fan.

Cine-Trash – Bad Lieutenant – Column

November 1, 1995

This film achieves what it sets out to do, something rarely attempted in American film: A horrifying glimpse of a moral abyss in the guise of character study.