Vigilante 8 – Review

January 1, 1999

What could be better than having 12 screaming, supercharged v8-powered vintage ’70s war wagons with enough firepower to level a small town at your control?

The Fifth Element – Review

January 1, 1999

An enhanced Nightmare Creatures engine and the blockbuster movie combine to make one of the year’s best action-adventure games for the PlayStation.

Activision Classics – Review

January 1, 1999

30 of the original Atari 2600 games that got it all started. Perfect for late-night bouts of drunken boredom when all you can manage is to move and shoot.

Tekkaman Blade II – Review

January 1, 1999

These videos, three in all with two 30-minute episodes each, surpass their predecessors in almost every respect.

Golgo 13: Queen Bee – Review

January 1, 1999

Move over, Mr. Bond. Golgo 13, the world’s most notorious assassin, is back in a new action-showcased episode with enough clever plot twists to confound MI6.

Gattaca – Review

November 1, 1998

Writer/director Andrew Niccol paints a fresco where cloning and genetically-perfection are taking us, a world where you can have your children made to order.