Mark Reusch Pendants – Review

June 13, 2005

Former Lollipop artist Mark Reusch (that’s Mister Reusch to you) hooks up a licensing deal with Salem-based Arcane Nonesuch to produce his paintings on jewelry.

Down on the Farm – Part III – Fiction

January 1, 1999

“He’ll be the only one,” he said. Then he let out a laugh that sounded like coarse-grain sandpaper against a steel door. “You know how to swim, don’t you?”

Writers Wanted – Column

November 1, 1998

I’m here to print writing. Writing about Life, the Universe and Everything, cleverly tucked between such standard lines as “it rocks!” and “chugging guitars.”

Down on the Farm – Part II – Fiction

September 1, 1998

“He refuses to rhyme his verse. It’s a big ‘fuck-you’ to the rest of these yokels. Jack Laroue’s famous,” she insisted. “He was a Rhodes scholar out of Yale.”

This Mortal Boils – Fiction

September 1, 1998

Nothing like coming across as a purple-haired, snot-nosed, bratty punk at the tender age of thirty. What do you like, ya big sourpuss? And that’s the thing…

Down On The Farm – Part 1 – Fiction

April 1, 1998

An editor from Salt Lake City magazine was on the line, wanting to send me to Jackson Hole, Wyoming, for five days, everything paid and nothing due in return.

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