A Blackheart’s Tale – Todd Brendan Fahey – Fiction

April 19, 2002

I was patently unprepared for the metamorphosis that took place just after the Christmas season, when Jurgen called me from the Ogden city lockup and asked me to post the five-hundred-dollar bond because no one in his family would.

Sarre-Chasm – You Can’t Fire Me… – Column

September 1, 2000

I’m goddamned sick and tired of battlin’ writer’s block to once again arrive at a frustrated first step, y’know, leave me alone and let me go back to bed. I say that every issue, and now I quit.

Dogshit Park – Part Two – Fiction

June 1, 2000

“She slit her wrists over the kitchen sink,” I said. I was shaking uncontrollably; it always happened when I talked about Marcus, which I hadn’t, to anyone, in a very long time. They found her the next morning. She’d deadbolted the door.

Dogshit Park – Fiction

April 1, 2000

The old man was propped up on the sofa, listening to Van Morrison, when I came in through the back door, to “Tir-Na-Nog,” the string section of which made the flesh on my arms prickle furiously.

Garbage Pail – DNA Action – Column

January 1, 2000

In a landmark deal negotiated in the wake of superstar Michael Jordan’s retirement and last year’s horrendous record, the Chicago Bulls have signed a contract with Jordan landing them exclusive rights to his DNA.

Why the Music Industry is So Screwed Up – Column

January 1, 2000

There are too many bands with too little to say. People have told me it’s hard to write a great song. Really? If you can’t write enough good songs, you’re in the wrong fuckin’ line of work.

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